Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm back

I'm back from my vacation in San Diego. I scheduled some reviews to be posted (and a discussion) while I was gone, so I'm hoping no one noticed I was missing other than my whole not pimping my reviews on twitter like I usually do. It hasn't seemed to matter. For whatever reason, my blog has logged some records (for me) in volume of hits while I was gone. 

I literally just walked in the door and am going to probably head to bed and crash royally, but I'm posting this because I'm exhausted. Give me a day or two to recuperate some of my energy. My first review posted will be for a book by Steven Zimmer, and following that I have The Unremembered. I have a few others to review as well. I just need some days to relax first. Hopefully I'll get to email and stuff like that tomorrow, but I might have to wait a few days on that, as well. It depends on how brain dead I am feeling in the morning.

Thus, readers of my blog and people who have emailed me, be prepared to wait a day or so to hear from me. I did get some books in the mail while I was gone, and I have some contests and news and etc coming up that I will announce this week. So, keep checking back here. I'll be up and running again in no time. 


  1. Welcome back! Even if it was tiring, it's still good to know you enjoyed your trip. :)

  2. Welcome back and hope you had an amazing time!

    Get some rest and we'll be seeing you very soon. :) Take care!