Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sorry about the lack of reviews ...

Sorry about the lack of reviews so far this week. I've been caught up with this:

And this: 

Thankfully, I wasn't in the car when it was smashed into, nor was it my husband's fault. He got hit in both the front and back. He's fine, but my car is totaled and since the title is in my name, I've been busy trying to take care of that kind of crap. Accidents are never fun, and even though I wasn't in it, I am soooo exhausted from it all. 

In other news, today we had our last ultrasound before the baby is born (photo above). She's almost 4 pounds and measuring a week ahead - and she's still a girl. Everything is picture perfect. In the photo above, she's staring at you. Kinda creepy, but cool all the same. I look forward to NOT being pregnant anymore sometime toward the beginning/middle of August. 

(Click on the pictures to see them bigger)

I'll post reviews tomorrow and Friday. They will be for The Element Keepers by E.P Marcellin and The Dervish House by Ian McDonald. I'd do it today, but honestly, I'm just drained and look forward to spending a day in my pajamas vegging out. 

See ya'll with a review tomorrow!


  1. I don't understand, what were you so busy with? Just kidding! Glad you and the hubby are okay!

  2. Glad to hear you guys are okay! And a belated congrats on the little "Booklarva"! He/She seems attentive already.

  3. Ah, I'm an idiot... I now see it's a girl. Any names picked out yet?

  4. We are going to name her Fiona Claire. :) Thanks on the congratulations!

  5. So glad everyone is okay. :) And the first frontal baby pic! Awww look at that! Now you have to be soooo excited.

  6. I don't think that many people will think "Collisions and impending baby-ness...where the hell are the reviews?" And if people are thinking that, they are probably not the people that would make up the nice part of any audience.

    Glad everyone's okay from the crash.

  7. Glad to hear everyone's okay! And no worries about reviews. Taking care of yourself and your family comes first, after all!

    (And Fiona Claire is a beautiful name, by the way!)

  8. I guess it's the bad news and the good. Seems to me you're coming out ahead, even if you could have done without the bent metalwork... Congrats on Fiona Claire :)