The Great Index of Reviews

My blog is getting bigger, so I decided that it's time for me to start an index of books I've reviewed. I will try (note that last word) to update it each time I review a book. I have broken it down in alphabetical order by author, books listed numerically under the authors name.

Please remember that when I started this blog, my reviews really sucked (they will be obvious by their formatting an content). Many of the first books I reviewed I plan on re-reading and reviewing again because I think my overall opinion might have changed. Regardless... here you go.


Abercrombie, Joe
1. Before They Are Hanged

Abraham, Daniel
1. The Dragon's Path

Ahmed, Saladin

1. Throne of the Crescent Moon

Anderson, Kevin J. 
1. Hidden Empire
2. A Forest of Stars
3. The Nebula Awards Showcase 2011 (Edited by Kevin J. Anderson)

Atwood, Margaret
1. The Handmaid's Tale


Bacigalupi, Paolo

1. Ship Breaker

Bakker, R. Scott
1. The Darkness That Comes Before

Banks, Iain M. 
1. The Player of Games

Beagle, Peter S. & Joe R. Lansdale
1. The Urban Fantasy Anthology

Bear, Elizabeth

1. All the Windwracked Stars

2. The Sea Thy Mistress
3. Range of Ghosts

Beaulieu, Bradly P. 
1. The Winds of Khalakovo

Bennett, Robert Jackson
1. The Troupe

Berg, Carol
1. Flesh and Spirit

Beukes, Lauren
1. Zoo City

Bledsoe, Alex
1. Dark Jenny
2. The Hum and the Shiver

Breaux, Kevin James
1. Soul Born

Brennan, Marie
1. With Fate Conspire

Brennert, Alan

1. Time and Chance

Brett, Peter V. 
1. The Desert Spear

Briggs, Patricia
1. Masques

Bujold, Lois McMaster
1. Curse of Chalion

Bull, Emma
1. Territory

Butcher, Jim
1. Storm Front


Carlson, Jeff
1. Long Eyes and Other Stories
2. The Frozen Sky

Carriger, Gail
1. Soulless 

Carroll, Lee
1. The Watchtower

Chadbourn, Mark 
1. World's End
2. Jack of Ravens

Charlton, Blake
1. Spellwright

2. Spellbound

Coates, Deborah
1. Wide Open

Coe, David B. 
1. Rules of Ascension

Cole, Myke
1. Shadow Ops

Collins, Suzanne
1. The Hunger Games
2. Catching Fire 


Daniells, Rowena Cory
1. The King's Bastard

de Lint, Charles
1. Promises to Keep

Durham, David Anthony
1. Acacia


Elliott, Kate
1. The King's Dragon
2. Cold Magic


Frater, Rhiannon

1. The First Days

Freeman, Pamela
1. Blood Ties

2. Ember and Ash

Friedman, C.S. 
1. Feast of Souls
2. Wings of Wrath

3. Legacy of Kings
4. The Madness Season


Gaiman, Niel
1. American Gods

2. Anansi Boys

Gilman, Felix
1. The Half-Made World

Gould, Steven
1. 7th Sigma

Griffith, Clay & Susan
1. The Greyfriar
2. Riftwalker

Griffith, P.D. 
1. The Search for Artemis

Grimwood, Jon Courtenay
1. The Fallen Blade

Gunn, Val

1. In the Shadow of Swords


Hamilton, Peter F.
1. The Reality Dysfunction

2. The Void Trilogy 

Harkness, Deborah
1. A Discovery of Witches

Hearne, Kevin
1. Hounded

Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J. 
1. Hellhole

Hobb, Robin

1. Dragon Keeper/Haven

Hobson, M.K.
1. The Native Star

Hodder, Mark 
1. The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Holdstock, Robert
1. Mythago Wood

Hollick, Helen
1. Sea Witch



Jemisin, N.K.
1. The Broken Kingdoms

Jenner, Leon
1. Bricks

Johansen, K.V.
1. Blackdog

Jones, Jaida & Danielle Bennett
1. Havemercy


Kay, Guy Gavriel
1. Tigana 

Keller, Alex
1. Haywired

Kent, Jasper
1. Twelve
2. Thirteen Years Later
3. The Third Section

Kindred, Jane
1. The Fallen Queen

King, Stephen
1. 11/22/63

Kowal, Mary Robinette
1. Shades of Milk and Honey


Lake, Jay

1. Green

Lamplighter, L. Jagi
1. Prospero Lost

Lawhead, Stephen R. 
1. Hood
2. Scarlet

Lawrence, Mark
1. Prince of Thorns

Lazellari, Edward
1. Awakenings

Lynch, Scott
1. The Lies of Locke Lamora
2. Red Seas under Red Skies


Marcellin, E.P. 
1. Element Keepers

Marmell, Ari
1. Thief's Covenant

Marrillier - Juliette
Daughter of the Forest
2. Son of the Shadows

3. The Dark Mirror

Martin, George R. R. 
1. Fevre Dream

McDonald, Ian
1. River of Gods

2. The Dervish House
3. Planesrunner

McKinley, Robin
1. Beauty: A retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Mieville, China
1. The Scar

Monette, Sarah
1. A Companion to Wolves

Morgan, Richard K.

1. Altered Carbon

Myers, E.C.
1. Fair Coin


Nassise, Joseph

1. Eyes to See

Newton, Mark Charan
1. Nights of Villjamur
2. City of Ruin

Niven, Larry & Steven Barnes
1. The Barsoom Project

Novik, Naomi
1. His Majesty's Dragon


Orullian, Peter
1. The Unremembered


Parker, K.J. 

1. Devices and Desires
2. Evil for Evil
3. The Escapement
4. The Folding Knife
5. Shadow

6. The Hammer
7. The Company

Pike, Christopher
1. Sati

Podgursky, John 
1. The One Percenters

Pratchett, Terry
1. Guards! Guards!
2. Small Gods

Polansky, Daniel

1. Low Town

Priest, Cherie

1. Fathom

Priest, Christopher
1. The Prestige



Rajaniemi, Hannu

1. The Quantum Thief

Rawn, Melanie
1. Dragon Prince

Resnick, Mike
1. The Doctor and the Kid

Ringo, John

1. There Will Be Dragons

Rosen, Lev AC
1. All Men of Genius

Rothfuss, Patrick
1. The Name of the Wind

Ruckley, Brian
1. Winterbirth


Sanderson, Brandon
1. Mistborn

Sargent, Pamela
1. Seed Seeker 

Scalzi, John
1. Old Man's War
2. Fuzzy Nation

Scholes, Ken
1. Lamentation

Schroeder, Karl
1. Virga: Cities of the Air

Scott, Michael
1. Thirteen Hallows

Shinn, Sharon
1. Archangel

Shrewbury, Steven
1. Thrall

Simmons, Dan
Carrion Comfort

Slonczewski, Joan
1. The Highest Frontier

Stover, Matthew Woodring
1. Heroes Die

Sullivan, Michael J. 
1. The Crown Conspiracy
2. Avempartha
3. Nyphron Rising
4. The Emerald Storm
5. Wintertide
6. Percepliquis

Swann, S.A.
1. Wolfbreed

Swanwick, Michael 
1. Stations of the Tide

Sykes, Sam
1. Tome of the Undergates


Taylor, Laini

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Tchaikovksy, Adrian
1. Empire in Black and Gold
2. Dragonfly Falling

Tregillis, Ian
1. Bitter Seeds



Valente, Catherynne M. 
1. Deathless
2. Palimpsest

Vaughn, Carrie
1. After the Golden Age

Vinge, Joan D. 
1. The Snow Queen

Vinge, Vernor
1. A Fire Upon the Deep


Walton, Jo

1. Among Others 

Warrington, Freda
1. Elfland

2. Midsummer Night

Weeks, Brent
1. Beyond the Shadows
2. The Black Prism

Westerfeld, Scott
1. Leviathan

Wolfe, Gene
1. The Sorcerer's House
2. Home Fires

Wurts, Janny
1. Curse of the Mistwraith


Zimmer, Stephen 
1. Crown of Vengeance 
2. Dream of Legends

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